Italian Horror

This Blog is Dedicated to the most greatest genre of all time
Italian Horror
Where the women are beautiful, the bloods runs red,
And the gore doesn't stop!
Enjoy the Gore, Blood,& Boobs.

Anonymous: Hey!! first off I want to say I really like your blog i've watched so many euro horror films and I'm glad this blog is here!
But Its sad that you guys don't post daily.
Along side the fact that I do not see other Directors works besides Fulci & Argento.
Is it the request you get or is it the fact that you don't care about any other film makers?
Not to mention the well known films.

*This is to the followers also*

Please remember that Italian Horror is not just Fulci or Argento the

Hello anon.
To start off with thank you for the support and the acknowledgment of our postings.
Second I agree with you we haven’t really been posting daily like we said we would, (we apologize for that), that being said we got right back to finishing our degrees.
If you know the college/university life then you know the struggle (haha)
But anyway to answer your question we get LOTSof request for the “known films” (to some people ‘burned out films’)
It’s pretty hard to suggest films because most people only care about Argento and Fulci, can you blame them? Both are/where amazing artist.
We first started this blog making reviews and that wasn’t so good haha.
Now we just make it a fan blog and it’ll stay that way.

Back from holiday Did You Miss Us?

We took a break off to relax from another school year.
College life is a fun yet hard and long one. (No pun intended)
Back to Regular Posting Starting Monday! :) Or reblogs for a while haha.
Have a wonderful day loves.